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Name: KissmyStitches Date: Sat June 15 14:40:00 EDT 2007

Hey, I was in your store today with my friend Katty. We are so going to come and see you A LOT!!!!

Name: KattyKat Date: Sat June 15 14:27:44 EDT 2007

I was in your shop today from the Doylestown area. There is a shop near me that taught me how to knit, but they so don't have the extensive selection that you guys have!!! I really like you store! I will be back on Tuesdays to get my extra discount on sale yarn.

Meow! KattyKat

Name: Melinda Z. Date: Sun Sept 24 14:49:01 EDT 2006

I just signed up for the crash course on knitting! I can't wait to make my first project! I think everyone is getting hand knitted gifts from me this Christmas! LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEE the website!

Name: Sofia Date: Mon May 8 16:22:55 EDT 2006

I just started knitting and I L-O-V-E The Knit With!

Name: Barbara Date: Wed Oct 12 20:38:02 EDT 2005

We plan to visit your shop this Saturday.

Name: LYNN ALB RECHT Date: Tue Sep 20 20:31:09 EDT 2005

I've been a knitter since the age of 5. Just read about your shop in the Indianapolis Star. I only know of one man who knits. Now I know more.

April  Date: Sun Sep 18 01:43:15 EDT 2005

Just read about your shop in the San Antonio Express-News. Three cheers for Jim and Bill!!The male knitters I've met have an amazing eye for color and detail. Sounds like you guys fit the bill. Good Luck to you both.

Renea M Tutt Date: Mon Sep 05 14:22:34 EDT 2005

I read about your shop in the San Antonio, TX newspaper. I am looking for a pattern book for knitted Christmas stockings. Would you have one? Thank you very much, Renea Tutt, New Braunfels, TX

Name: Beverly Watson Date: Wed Aug 31 12:33:42 EDT 2005

Hi Dawn, I read an article about your business in our local California paper today. Then, of course, I read more on my computer. God bless your mother. I, too, love knitting, however living now in California, I am limited. I find myself knitting for my sister's grandchildren in Canada. I like the idea that someone will finish the knitted project. What a service! I am more of a teach-thyself knitter. I only knit for people who will truly appreciate the finished product. Last year I knitted a lovely afghan for my sister-in-law (who has everything), - now my brother tells me that she is taking knitting lessons. Best of luck with your business. I will visit you on-line from time to time. Beverly

Name: sue peck  Date: Mon Mar 28 21:48:25 EST 2005

hi jim... although i've been to the shop several times, i just realized marge pass ... i know you have wonderful memories. her creations are definitely one of a kind! i'm looking for 'knit one, crochet too' yarns -- i absolutely adore working with 'truffles' and 'tartlette' ...

Name: Alison Bryant  Date: Fri Jan 07 16:26:17 EST 2005

I was browsing and came across your web site. Marge introduced me to the first yarns that I ever bought. Please accept my deepest sympathy on the passing of your Mother.

Michelle Smolinski Date: Thu Sep 16 15:02:44 EDT 2004

 I will be visiting you this weekend! Didn't know there was such a wonderful shop in (nearly) my backyard!

Felicia  Date: Sat Jun 12 22:43:28 EDT 2004

I was in the store today and I thought I was in an ice cream store. There was definitely a large assortment of yarns and colors to choose from. I felt like a little girl in the candy store, I couldn't make up my mind. So I had to get a bunch of cottons to knit my summer projects!!!! Selection!!!

Evelyn Isaac  Date: Sun Mar 07 16:29:46 EST 2004

I absolutely love your store. I am so glad you are here. I am in a knitting frenzy!!!! You, Jim, Bill and Dawn are great!!!! You have such a wide selection. I can't wait until I am finished my baby projects.....See you soon!!!! Evelyn

Cathy  Date: Sun Mar 07 21:07:03 EST 2004

What a shop for knitters! Since my first visit, I've been telling everyone about my "new home". Your warmth, friendliness and willingness to really help me with my knitting is wonderful. I'm so proud of the garments I've knitted with yarns from The Knit With. Thanks for being there.

Amy from Blue Bell Date: Sun Mar 14 23:55:10 EST 2004

I just stopped in your store today and looked around....but I will definitely be back to do some shopping!!!!! Loved the sheep on the door!!

Roslynne  Date: Wed Mar 17 12:52:45 EST 2004

I love Knit With, it's my favorite yarn shop. Instead of being made to feel intimidated as a new knitter, I felt welcomed. Thanks, everyone! See you soon!