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Here at The Knit With Yarn Shop we have a volunteer knitting program for our Veterans. While they fight for our freedom and pledge the ultimate sacrifice for our country, our soldiers, men and women alike, come back to the states altered from defending our great country. How can we let them know that they have a made a difference? By knitting or crocheting a scarf for them. It is our way of saying "THANK YOU" for serving our country.

Back in 2008, I contacted the Veteran's Administration here in Philadelphia. I learned that the most of these soldiers that come back from battle suffer from PTSS (Post Traumatic Stree Syndrome), while they gave their hearts to their country, they return to the states a tad altered. As I continued my conversation with the representative, I asked her how many beds does the Veteran's Hospital house? She had said 275. There are also an additonal 100 beds in the rehabilitation department. Our goal here at The Knit With is to thank them for their service. We have some minor requests, due to the nature of their injuries, we request that your scarf be of natural fiber. Either Wool or Cotton will do. Acrylic tends to adhere to injuries and can cause infections. Right now, since 2008, we have 45 completed scarves to give to the Veterans, we need 375 to complete our mission.

Knitted/Crocheted Requirements:

Made of natural fibers (Wool, Cotton, Alpaca)

Measurements: 6-8 Inches wide by 60 inches long.

Superwash treated fibers are ideal.

Here at The Knit With, we have the largest selection around when it comes to Cascade's Superwash 220, 50 plus shades to choose from. We also have Extra, Extra Stampato, Knitaly, and Casacade 220 Superwash Paints to purchase as well. When you donate your handmade scarf to our Knitz for Vetz program, we in turn give you a 20% off yarn purchase coupon to be used for your next yarn purchase.

We have knitters across the country voluteering their time and effort for our cause!

Please come in and show your support for the Troops!

God Bless you all!