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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Knit With a "bricks and mortar" yarn shop or only a website?
A: The Knit With is very much a real knitting shop–annually visited by thousands of delighted knitters (and crocheters too) from throughout the Philadelphia area. The oldest yarn store in Philadelphia, the knitting shop occupies the first floor of the historic Detweiler House (dating to 1734, but built of stone and mortar!), located at 8226 Germantown Avenue in the charming Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia.  All shop’s knitting related items (yarns, needles, knitting necessaries, publications, knitting accessories and buttons) displayed on the website are actually stocked in-store and are immediately available to knitting enthusiasts from throughout the greater Philadelphia area. Upon completion of the website, all items stocked in-store will be available to knitters around the world!
For more information about yarns see the Fibre Palette page,  for more information about instruments see The Needle Niche page for more information about knitting books and patterns see the The Bookshelf; more complete information about our finishing, repair, alteration and buttonhole services is available on the Services page. A short history about the shop and about The Detweiler House, Chestnut Hill’s oldest structure, is posted on the About Us page.
Q: Where is The Knit With located?
A: Delighting knitters since 1970, The Knit With is located at 8226 Germantown Avenue in the heart of Philadelphia’s charming Chestnut Hill section. Since 1977, the yarn shop has been lodged in the historic Detweiler House, a pre-Revolutionary War structure, surrounded by gardens blooming through most of the year and both coniferous and deciduous trees.
For detailed directions to the knitting shop and Chestnut Hill, from any point in the greater Philadelphia area, see the Directions page where travel directions and maps are provided together with a link to Chestnut Hill Business Association website which provides more complete information about the extraordinary shops, galleries, boutiques and restaurants of Chestnut Hill. When you are ready for your next knitting project, all of us at the shop look forward to personally meeting you in Chestnut Hill and assisting you in selecting the right yarns for your pattern.    
Q:  When is The Knit With open to knitters?                                                                 
A: The yarn shop is open to knitting enthusiasts throughout the Philadelphia area,  and beyond,  year round  from 10 AM to 6 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays (Wednesday evenings 'til 8 PM) and Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM. The yarn shop is closed on Mondays.  Note: from May 1st, through Labor Day weekends, The Knit With is closed on Sundays. The Knit With closes for major national holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Easter Sunday and July 4th.
See the Store Hours page for more detailed information about the yarn shop’s hours.            
Q: Is parking available at The Knit With?
A: The knitting shop is a participating member of the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation which operates a number of free, attended lots for shoppers, the closest of which (Lot 5) is within a short amble (one block downhill) to the yarn store. The hundreds of parking spaces available through the Chestnut Hill Parking Foundation’s several lots, augment the parking spaces in front of the yarn store on Germantown Avenue. The yarn store does not have its own parking lot.
Q: Does The Knit With have a catalogue?                                                                     
A: Yes and you already browsing it! Our website is the yarn store’s catalogue. All knitting products: yarns, needles, necessaries, publications, accessories, buttons and knitting related gifts which are itemized on the website are actually available in-store to Philadelphia area knitters. When the website is fully constructed, all items available in the knitting shop will be posted to and available through the website to knitters beyond the Philadelphia region. 

Q: I want something but don't see it on your website. Does The Knit With do Special Orders?
A: In three words: Yes and gladly!
The Knit With is Philadelphia’s full service, specialty yarn shop dedicated to serving your knitting needs.  We will specially order any knitting merchandise which is available from any of our current suppliers even if that item (or shade of yarn) is not regularly stocked in-store.
For more detailed information about Special Orders, see the Disclosures page. Note: Special terms apply to Special Orders.
 [ Est. 9-80; Rev. 9-03. ]                                                                            
Q: What yarn brands or labels does The Knit With stock?                                                         
A: The Knit With, year-round, brings to Philadelphia area knitters more than 500 distinct yarns–drawn from the wools of the world and distributed by the leading suppliers of better natural fibre, designer, novelty and artisan yarns. Many of The Knit With’s knitting yarns are stocked in complete color ranges of up to as many as 95 shades of a single yarn. The exact mix of yarns available changes seasonally and according to our customer's desires for using better knitting yarns.
Currently available yarns bear these leading labels: Maggi Knits, Trendsetters, Elizabeth Austen, Skacel, Debbie Bliss, Noro, Muench, Knitting Fever, JCA, Euro Yarns, Tivoli Spinners, Katia, GarnStudios, Plassard Yarns, Ornaghi Filati, Sirdar, Gedifra, Filati FF, Schoeller-Esslinger, dive, Mondial, Novita, Berroco, Schachenmayr-Nomota, Austermann, Jaeger, Kertzer, Schulana, Zitron, Reynolds, Grignasco, Schaffhauser Wolle, Colorado Yarns, Regia, Lane Borgosesia,  Southwest Trading, on-line, GGH, Cascade and Diakeito. In addition, The Knit With stocks a number of artisan yarns; currently available artisan yarns are from: Dancing Fibers, Cherry Tree Hill, Fiesta Yarns, MountainColors, Schaefer and Alchemy Yarns.
The Knit With occasionally offers yarns spun or imported especially for us and available to knitters exclusively from The Knit With. In stock now is Soffy Ciniglia, a bulky weight chenille (needles: Nos. 10 to 13) and Celtic Aran, a machine-washable all wool worsted weight imported from Ireland and suitable for aran knitting.
For more detailed information, see the Fibre Palette page. Note: The Knitter's Fibre Palette page is under construction and will be accessible in the near future. [ Est. 9-90; Rev. 9-05. ]             
Q: What needle brands does The Knit With carry?
A: The Knit With offers a complete range and all sizes of needles from Addi, Brittany, Clover, Lakewood, Swallow and the Quicksilver brand from Susan Bates. We are the Philadelphia area’s exclusive retailer for Serendipity needles–correctly gauged wooden needles with whimsical, artistic, handmade finials.  Needles are available in a variety of styles: single points, double points and circular needles. Needles are available in a variety of lengths (most brands of straight needles offered in 7, 10 and 14 inch lengths and circulars in as many as 7 diferent lengths) and a variety of materials: bamboo, birch, nickel-finished brass, casein, and teflon-coated aluminum. In addition to these regularly stocked needles, handmade needles (suitable for gifting and treasuring) of exotic materials (rosewood, sterling silver) are available as special orders. 
For more detailed information, see The Needle Niche page. [ Est. 9-90; Rev. 9-05.
Q: Does The Knit With stock knitting notions, like stitch holders, point protectors and the like?
A: Do we ever! Knitting notions--in reality necessaries--are specialized tools that make both the process and the product of hand knitting more enjoyable. The Knit With offers a complete range of knitting necessaries: point protectors, stitch holders, cable needles (yes, you can give up using those too-long double points for knitting cables) row counters, needle gauges, stitch markers, yarn bobbins, pom-pom makers, and tapestry, weaving and tatting needles, traditional and mechanical knitting knobbies (for making I-cord), tape measures, needlework scissors and yarn bras.
For more detailed information, see The Needle Niche page. Note: the knitting necessaries section of the Tools of the Trade page is under construction.  [ Est. 9-72; Rev. 9-05. ]
Q: Does The Knit With stock books about knitting and knitting patterns?
A: For the knitting literati, The Knit With offers literally hundreds of hard and softbound reference, pattern and "coffee-table" tradebooks about knitting. All are especially selected to appeal to and meet knitters' needs on all skill levels. The Bookshelf® at The Knit With is really a specialty bookstore within the shop. Tradebooks from The Bookshelf® are ideal for gifting as well as to assemble your own library of knitting titles.
In addition to The Bookshelf® offerings, The Knit With stocks current (and back issues) of better magazines for knitters: Vogue, Interweave Knits and Knitters. Leading designers’ and manufacturers’ pattern booklets and almost 1,000 pattern leaflets are available for both knitting and crochet and include patterns for almost every conceivable garment.
For more detailed information, see The Bookshelf® page. Note: Coming soon the library of pattern leaflets organized by garment type. [ Est. 9-83; Rev. 9-05. ]
Q: Does The Knit With have gifts and accessories for knitters?
A: Absolutely!
The Knit With offers knitting bags, needle cases, needle gift sets as well as selected jewelry for knitters.
To see learn more about gifts for knitters, see the Touch a Knitter's Heart page. Note: this page is currently under construction.   [ Est. 9-78; Rev. 9-05. ]
Q: Can I get a gift certificate from The Knit With?
A: But of course. 
The Knit With offers gift certificates in any desired denomination and without any expiration or use date. To learn more about gift certificates, see the Touch a Knitter's Heart page. Note: this page is currently under construction. [ Est. 9-78; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: I need buttons and can never seem to find the right button in fabric stores. Does The Knit With have a solution?
A: Do we ever!
The Knit With offers the Buttons in Bloom ® collection (really, a button boutique within the store) of specialty, antique and artisan buttons fashioned from woods, precious and semi-precious metals, pearls, cloisonne, shells, glass, mother-of pearl, crystal, horn, antler, porcelain, leather, vegetable ivory, bakelite, bone, crystal and stoneware. Comprising more than 3,000 distinct buttons styles or sizes, each entry in the Buttons in Bloom collection is especially selected for application to hand knitting.
To learn more, see the Buttons in Bloom ® page. Note: this page is currently under construction. [ Est. 9-84; Rev. 9-04. ] 
Q: I knit, but I don't want to (or don't know how to correctly) assemble the knitted pieces into a finished sweater that I would want to wear. Help!
A: The proper assembly and finishing of knitted garments distinguishes the "handmade" from those which are merely "homemade"! Assembling and finishing knitted garments requires an entirely different set of skills than those used to create well-executed knitted fabric. The Knit With offers professional finishing services performed by uniquely trained and exceptionally experienced fibre artists performed at reasonable rates.
Occasionally, The Knit With offers a special workshop in Professional Finishing Techniques to introduce you to and develop the skills employed in professional finishing.
See our Services page for more information about having the skilled fibre artists at The Knit With assemble and finish your knitting into a garment that shows your knitting skills to their best advantage and a garment that you will be proud to wear as "handmade." To learn more about workshops, see the Knitter’s Academy page. [ Est. 9-75; Rev. 9-03. ] 
Q: I am unhappy with the way knit-in buttonholes look (and wear) but like the versatility of cardigans. Any suggestions?
A: Of course!
Patterns for cardigans, or other garments requiring buttonholes, rarely offer more instruction than to "make buttonhole." Perhaps, this is a holdover from the days when knitting instructions usually directed cardigans to be knit without buttonholes and neighborhood tailors were employed to make sewn-in buttonholes. Pattern writers simply haven't caught up with the fact that, anymore,  neighborhood tailors won't assume the risk of making buttonholes in handmade knitted fabric.
All buttonholes are not created equal. Among the numerous ways to construct a buttonhole-some simple, some complex, some stronger–most are less than professional-looking under even a casual inspection. Worse, the deliberate hole in your knitting generally does not hold up well to the wear of opening and closing buttons.
See the Services page for more information about having The Knit With make tailor-made buttonholes in your knitted garment.  
[ Est. 9-87; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: Does The Knit With offer classes?
A: Yes. Thousands of Philadelphia-area knitters have taken classes at The Knit With, and proudly wear their diplomas!
We offer seasonal schedules of classes through the year: Autumn, Winter and Spring and occasionally Summer. The specific classes and workshops offered in each seasonal series changes according to customer interest.
To learn more about our upcoming series of classes and workshops, see the Knitters’ Academy page which provides complete descriptions of the classes and workshops offered at The Knit With. [ Est. 9-75; Rev. 9-04.
Q: Does The Knit With offer individualized instruction?
A: Yes. Individualized instruction under the tutelage of the master knitters on staff at The Knit With is available by appointment during regular store hours at the rate of $45.00 per hour. [ Est. 9-82; rev. 9-05. ]
Q: Can I register for classes through the website?
A: Yes. A printable registration form is available to you; complete and send it together with your checque and we will register you for the class your desire.
See the Knitters’ Academy page for the printable registration form. Note: registrations are accepted for all classes on a first-come, first-registered basis. It is not unusual for certain classes and certain class times to be completely registered quickly.  
[ Est. 9-78; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: Who teaches the classes and workshops offered by The Knit With?
A: Leaders for the classes and workshops offered by The Knit With are drawn from the store's staff and friends who have demonstrable knowledge or experience in the subject areas they are teaching and in the ability to teach.
See the Knitters’ Academy page for bios on the regular course leaders. [ Est. 9-75; Rev. 9-03.
 Q: What is your return policy?                                                       
A: The Knit With gladly accepts the return of any regular stock yarn, for any reason and with no quibbling, within 90 days of the date of purchase when the merchandise remains in its original salable condition and is accompanied by the original purchase receipt. Sorry, but Instruments, Publications, Special Orders and Sale Items are Not returnable for any reason. All returned items are accepted for store credit only.
See the Disclosures page for a complete explanation of The Knit With’s return policy.[ Est. 9-75.  Rev. 9-99. ]

Q: How (and when) does The Knit With ship website orders?
A: In the United States, The Knit With ships via insured, USPS Priority Mail ( generally with a three to five day arrival time ) for all merchandise shipments unless a shipment qualifies for the lower-rate USPS MediaMail ( limited to orders containing books and patterns only ). We will be happy to accommodate requests for other shipping services such as next day delivery ExpressMail, UPS and FedEx.
Shipments outside the United States are made by USPS International PriorityMail or FedEx at the customer's direction.
All shipments are made within two business days after receipt of your on-line order. We desire to ship all on-line orders as complete orders; if for some reason we can't ship your entire order right away, we'll let you know.
For more detailed information about The Knit With?s shipping and handling policies, see the Disclosures page.
[ Est. 9-85; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: How will I know The Knit With's shipping and handling charges?
A: The Knit With only bills for the actual costs incurred in sending you your ordered merchandise: the cost of the shipping as determined by the shipper's tariff, insurance and a small handling fee.
See the Disclosures page for more detailed information. [ Est. 9-90; Rev. 9-03. ]

Q: When I shopped in-store, I was asked for my e-mail address and phone number; what is The Knit With's privacy policy?
A: The Knit With has a comprehensive policy protecting the privacy of confidential customer information, such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses among other forms of information. All confidential information collected from our customers is kept confidential; we don’t share that information with anyone, period.
See the Disclosures page for a complete explanation of The Knit With’s Privacy Policy.
[ Est. 9-90; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: What forms of payment does The Knit With accept?
A: The Knit With welcomes your personal checque when made payable to The Knit With and drawn on any US bank. We also honor all major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Carte Blanche/Diner's Club. Please do NOT send credit card information in an e-mail; call us with your credit card number. Debit cards are accepted. All orders are shipped only following receipt of payment. [ Est. 9-90; Rev. 9-03. ]
Q: I do not have, or do not want to use my credit card. Can I still order?
A: Absolutely! We accept checques or money orders; when shopping in-store, cash is still legal tender too!

Q: I love a particular sweater pattern, but it is not written for my size or the particular yarn I have in mind to use. What do I do?
A: For a nominal fee, The Knit With will happily customize any sweater pattern for you when the yarn is bought from us. All you need to do is bring ( or send us ) the pattern you intend to use, your measurements and the results of your tension swatch. We'll write a customized pattern so that you get the garment you desire in the size you need.  
[ Est. 9-75; Rev. 9-05. ]
Q: I'm a sale shopper. Does The Knit With ever have sales?
A: Yes! The Knit With offers discontinued or odd-ball yarns on a 20% - 50% price-reduction sale,  in-store only,  every day the store is open. During the year, we may have multiple sales events which are offered, only in-store, to all customers on our mailing list. Mark your calendar for SuperBowl Sunday for our annual spectacular sale event when the store opens as 8 AM!  [ Est. 9-85; Rev. 9-05. ]         
Q: Does The Knit With have a frequent buyer program?
A: Known as Hanks ‘n Thanks  ®, our frequent buyer program tangibly expresses our appreciation of your patronage  –  rewarding all customers not just frequent shoppers.
See the Disclosures page for detailed information about the discretionary Hanks ‘n Thanks  ® program. 
[ Est. 9-05. ]
Q: Does The Knit With have a newsletter, and if so how do I subscribe ( but, please,  don’t send me just another handbill of class titles or descriptions )?
A: The Knit With’s ( yet un-named ) newsletter is available free-of-charge and is electronically distributed ( only ) to all knitters who call The Knit With their knitting home. The Knit With’s newsletter is,  in fact,  a newsletter and not either a handbill or a blog.  The newsletter contains articles about trends in knitting, what’s happening in the store and other useful information for members of The Knit With’s family of knitters ( seasonal shop hours, class schedules, new yarns etc. ); regular features include Knitting Notes ( covering the what-ares and how-tos of knitting), The Bookshelf® ( short reviews of newly published tradebooks ) and StashBusters Alerts ( help another knitter in distress with an odd-ball from your stash ). 
See the Newsletter page where you can access archived back issues of the Newsletter. [ Est. 9-04. ]
Q: How do I find out about specials or new products on your web site or in your store.
A: The newest and latest in yarns, needles, publications and accessories available at The Knit With are always displayed and described on the What’s Hot-What’s New page. Issues of The Knit With’s newsletter contains articles about the most exciting new yarns and other products available as well as a Staff Picks column to bring to your attention either a yarn, pattern or book which is especially useful for knitters to know about.
See the What’s Hot-What’s New page. [ Est. 9-04; Rev. 9-05. ]
Q: How does The Knit With measure for best fit?
A: Today, no coherent set of sizes corresponding to standard clothing sizes exists. Since publication of the last set of such standards ( issued in the late 1960's ), ideas about fit and size have undergone revolutionary changes   –  something every buyer of ready-to-wear clothing experiences every time they shop.
Today's "fitted" sweater is much looser and larger than the "second skin" of the fitted sweaters of generations ago, usually about two inches larger than actual chest/bust measurements although a fit as much as six inches larger than actual chest/bust measurements is not unusual.
The Knit With recommends that all measurements be taken only with a non-stretch fabric tape measure. Measure, for accurate sizing of hand knit garments: chest/bust, waist, hip, length of body from underarm to waist/hip, length of sleeve from underarm to wrist, circumferences of wrist, forearm below the elbow, and upper arm and, especially for men, the distance across the shoulders as well as the distance between the neckline and the waist. 
[ Est. 9-70.  ]
Q: What is gauge, and is it really "oh, so important"?
A: Gauge results from the interplay of, generally, four factors: the needle diameter measurement ( or size ), yarn size ( weight or thickness ) and the idiosyncratic characteristics of both the individual knitter and the characteristics of specific stitches.
Suggested gauges are just that !   –  a yarn spinner's suggestion as to how a specific yarn feels best or a pattern writer's suggestion as to how a garment should fit best. Achieving gauge is not something that concerns only a "fussy" knitter. Gauge is every knitter's guide to assure that a finished garment will fit!
Gauge is usually expressed as the number of stitches necessary to create a four inch ( or 10 centimeter ) square of knitted fabric. Modern yarn labels and knitting patterns always state gauge as x number or so many stitches per horizontal inch; sometimes a number of vertical rows per inch are also stated, however vertical gauge is not generally as critical to achieving fit because a knitter can always increase or decrease the number of rows to achieve a necessary measurement.
To test gauge, it is critical to work a swatch in the stitch, yarn and needle size recommended for your pattern. Cast on 20 stitches and work in your desired pattern stitch for four inches; do not bind off. Remove the needle and measure the width of the knitted fabric at the middle of swatch; divide that measurement by 20 to arrive at the number of stitches for one inch. If necessary, resume knitting with a smaller or larger needle –  first working 2 rows of garter stitch before using your pattern stitch to indicate the change in needle size. Change to a larger sized needle for a gauge containing fewer stitches per inch or a smaller sized needle for a gauge of a greater number of stitches per inch. When finished, compare the feel of the swatch sections achieved with the different needles and determine which feel you like best ( Note: while there should be a difference in the number of stitches, there will always be a difference in the feel ( or hand ) of the stitches .). If necessary, adjust your pattern by increasing or deceasing the number of stitches to be cast on based upon the gauge of your knitting which you like best. [ Est. 9-70.  ]