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Thank you for making The Knit With, whether in-store or on-line, your source for quality natural fibre,  designer, novelty or artisan yarns.  Since 1970, the Knit With has consistently been delighting knitters ( and crocheters, too ) with specialty yarns and we're simply delighted that you have joined the thousands of fibre friends and kindred knitting spirits in the Philadelphia region ( and beyond: our knitting family hails from all fifty States, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and England! ) who make The Knit With their "knitting home". We appreciate your support!

Our Guarantee
The Knit With carefully culls the world's leading suppliers for quality natural fibre and specialty yarns, instruments, publications, accessories and buttons for your knitting pleasure. We proudly stand behind all yarns, instruments and buttons, and to guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will happily replace any such item found to be defective at the time of purchase.  Naturally, defects caused by abnormal use or abuse after purchase are excluded from this guarantee. Similarly, The Knit With’s guarantee does not include yarns with the occasional, expected, mill joint. While every effort is made to ensure publications are free from error, we can not be responsible for typographical or human errors in the writing, printing or reading of patterns.
The Knit With undertakes every effort to ensure that yarns of only an identical dye-lot are displayed and sold; we check every order for dye-lot uniformity. In the event that your order unexpectedly includes non-uniform dyelots, and before you have consumed the yarn, The Knit With will cheerfully ( and with our most sincere apologies ) substitute the identical yarn of a correct and uniform dye-lot.  While we check for yarn yardage to suggest an appropriate purchase quantity, because knitters' gauges vary slightly and few knitters achieve the identical gauge, the yarn yardage required by different knitters to accomplish the identical project may vary; it is recommended that you purchase sufficient yarn of the identical dye-lot to ensure the completion of your project.  A good way to ensure you have a sufficient quantity is to purchase an extra ball of the identical dye-lot.  Knitters who consistently achieve a tighter gauge are recommended to purchase of an extra 20% of the quantity of yarn specified in published patterns. [ Est. 11-70; Rev. 9-03. ]
All classes and workshops offered by The Knit With meet only at the shop location unless your registration materials state otherwise.  Classes and Workshops are offered during as many as four seasonal series; not all classes and workshops are offered in each series nor are all offered at every available time.  All Classes and Workshops have registration limits.  Attendance in Classes is limited to no more than twelve ( 12 ) students, although frequently a lower attendance limit may be stated and is stated for most Classes; Workshops may have varying and different registration limits. Registration in advance of the start of a Class or Workshop is required. Attendance is limited to registered participants, i.e., there is no open attendance. Classes are project oriented, i.e., students are offered a series of instruction planned to accomplish through session work, and homework, a specific project or a project designed to lead to the accomplishment of a specific handwork skill level.  Classes meet for six consecutive weeks, legal holidays excepted, at the same time and day each week.  Workshops generally treat, intensely and hands-on, a broad range of specialized techniques and skills and may have material pre-requisites as well as require an independent knowledge of specific techniques or skills not taught as part of a specific workshop, e.g., the finishing workshop requires knowledge of basic crochet and knitting in addition to availability of garments ready and suitable for finishing. Workshops may, and often do, meet for fewer sessions than Classes and each meeting session may be for shorter durations than Classes; Workshops meeting over multiple weeks begin at the same hour on the same day of each week.

All Workshops and Classes are offered only on a tuition basis. Tuition should be fully paid upon registration and in advance of  the first session.  Tuition includes the cost of any syllabus and printed materials specifically designated by the Instructor as necessary for the specific Class or Workshop but may not include published, copyrighted patterns; the prohibitions of copyright law apply to knitting patterns not in the public domain.  Not all Classes or Workshops have printed materials. All Class and Workshop participants are apprised, in advance, of any required or recommended materials list. Tuition does not include the cost of yarns, needles or accessories selected by the participant although necessary for the class or workshop unless your attendance confirmation specifically states otherwise. 

  **A tuition surcharge may be applied where participants

 desire to use yarn purchased elsewhere.**

Class participants may withdraw, with a pro-rata refund of tuition less a one-half capitation, through the start of the third session after which no tuition refund is allowed; no refund of tuition is allowed upon withdrawal for non-attendance at a Workshop.
The Knit With reserves the right to combine sessions of Classes where no adverse affect upon the participants will be anticipated; Classes and Workshops which do not meet minimum registration levels may be cancelled with a full refund to pre-registered participants. 
Class participants who anticipate the need to miss a regularly scheduled Class may attend a scheduled make-up session or attend a session of another Class  –  provided space is available in that session and the make-up attendance would not conflict with the presentation of that Class.  Class participants not able to make up missed instruction in this manner may do so during regularly scheduled store hours   –   provided such make-up session is convenient with the Instructor and an appointment has been made; a missed appointment can not be further re-scheduled. Most,  but not all,  Classes include an additional make-up session which meets at the regularly scheduled time; participants who have not missed any session may attend the scheduled make-up session without further tuition charge. Additional instruction can be offered, at no additional charge, to any Class participant during regularly scheduled hours   –  provided such additional instruction is convenient with the Instructor and does not conflict with the regular conduct of business.  Additional instruction does not extend to subject matter not included within the Class syllabus, e.g., a Class instructing new knitters in the execution of a garment knitted in pieces does not include the assembly and finishing of that garment. Missed Workshops unfortunately can not be made-up.
In the event a scheduled Class or Workshop needs to be cancelled by the Instructor   –  due to illness, emergency or required attendance elsewhere beyond our control ( e.g., summons for jury duty )  –   every effort will be made to timely communicate the cancellation to all registered participants by e-mail or by telephone or public posting at The Knit With's website or by other means. Classes and Workshops cancelled in this manner will be re-scheduled at the same time and day of the next available week, legal holidays excepted.
[ Est. 04-84; Rev. 9-02. ]
Special Orders
While The Knit With offers the largest range of natural fibre and specialty fashion yarns available, our limited space constrains our ability to offer all yarns from all suppliers.  We will cheerfully special order any yarn, or any color of yarn, not regularly stocked and available from our various suppliers.  All Special Orders are Final Sales and may require the purchase of complete bags of yarn.  Special Orders are accepted only upon a non-refundable deposit of 60% of the retail value of the Special Order.  No anticipation should be made as to when Special Orders will be delivered although every effort will be made to expedite delivery of all Special Orders. 
 [ Est. 11-85; Rev. 9-03. ]
Hold Orders
The Knit With will happily hold, or lay-away, for thirty ( 30 ) days,  any yarn at the regular sale price; Hold Orders are accepted upon payment of a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the retail value of the Hold Order. Deposits made against Hold Orders may be applied to the purchase price of the items comprising Hold Orders when the purchase is completed within the period of the Hold Order.  Hold Orders not claimed within thirty ( 30 ) days are returned to stock. Unfortunately, instruments, publications, buttons, accessories and gift items are excluded from Hold Orders as are all off-price yarns.  
[ Est. 11-70; Rev. 9-03. ]

The Knit With will gladly accept the return of any regular stock yarn merchandise, for any reason and with no quibbling questions, when the merchandise remains in its original salable condition and when accompanied by the original purchase receipt and when the return is made within Ninety ( 90 ) days from the date of purchase. Instruments, Publications, Special Orders and Sale Items are Not Returnable  –  all sales of these items are Final Sales.  All returned items are accepted for store credit only; there are No Cash Refunds or refunds in cash equivalents.
Store credits are valid for One Hundred and Fifty ( 150 ) days from date of issue. Every customer receiving a store credit will be issued a credit slip indicating the total value of the store credit available.  Store credits can not be issued in duplicate and are not transferable.  Credit slips must be presented and surrendered at the time of redemption.  
[ Est. 9-75; Rev. 9-03. ]

Shipping/Handling Policy
The Knit With's goal is to ship all on-line orders for merchandise complete within 48 hours of our receipt of your order.  Like our customers, we don't like partial shipments! If your order is for backordered merchandise or requires a special order, or for any other reason, your complete order can not be shipped within 48 hours, we will send you, by e-mail, an explanatory message together with an estimate of the length of time required to completely ship your order.  Only if partial shipments are acceptable to you will we ship that portion of your order which is ready to be shipped.
All shipments for domestic delivery ordinarily can only be made to an address which corresponds to the address associated with your form of payment, i.e., we can not regularly ship merchandise to third-party addresses. If you require shipment to a third-party address, under the notes section of the on-line order form indicate the address associated with your form of payment together with your day-time phone number.
The Knit With ships all merchandise ordered on-line for domestic delivery by trackable, insured U.S. Priority Mail unless another method of shipping is specifically requested by the customer.  Receipt of parcels shipped by US Priority Mail can be anticipated within three to five days depending upon the destination for shipped parcels; US Express Mail is available, at a substantially higher cost, to guarantee next day delivery throughout the continental United States. If another form of delivery service is requested by the customer, a separate accommodation fee may be charged.  Where appropriate, on-line orders limited to books and publications will be shipped by US Media Mail  at a lower rate;  customer tracking service is not available for parcels shipped by Media Mail which has a substantially longer delivery period but also has a reduced shipping cost. 
At the time of shipment, The Knit With will send, by e-mail, a shipping confirmation which will state the shipped contents of orders, the  delivery service ( US Priority, Express or Media Mail ), the parcel's shipping date, the parcel's insured value and the traceable identification number of the parcel; confirmations for parcels shipped by an alternative delivery means as requested by the customer will state the alternative delivery service and include, where available, the parcel's traceable identification number.  All parcels shipped by The Knit With by whatever means are insured for the full value of the customer's order ( including all charges for shipping, handling and insurance which may apply ) and, where appropriate, the replacement value of hand knit garments.
On-line orders for merchandise from The Knit With are requested to be of a minimum of $25.00; orders for less than $25.00 incur a substantially higher handling fee than the handling fee which proportionately applies to orders of a higher value. Handling fees for domestically shipped parcels are determined based on the following chart.
Original Order Amount                Handling Fee
============                       ========
$ 0 - $ 25.00                                  $ 12.25
$ 25.01 - $ 100.00                      $ 3.50
$ 100.01 - $ 250.00                   $ 5.00
$ 250.01 and up                            $ 6.50
All shipping, insurance and handling costs are applied to the customer's bill.  
[ Est. 11-00; Rev. 9-03. ]
The Knit With will gladly accept your personal checque for your purchases, whether in-store or on-line. Similarly, we honor major credit cards ( Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club, American Express ). Unfortunately, we can not accept PayPal or debit cards for payment.  The shipping address for your order must correspond to the address associated with your form of payment.
To pay by personal checque, place your order on-line and under payment indicate your desire to pay by checque.  Upon The Knit With's receipt of your order, a provisional invoice will be developed and provided to you by e-mail, itemizing your purchases, insurance, shipping and handling charges. Within 48 hours of our receipt of your checque, your order will be shipped.
Personal checques which are not honored by your bank will be assessed a $35.00 collection fee in addition to all other bank fees charged.  Dishonored checques which are referred to an attorney for collection services may result in imposition of court costs and attorney’s fees. 
[ Est. 11-70; Rev. 9-05. ]
The Knit With respects the confidentiality of our customer's personal information (i.e., telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, account numbers).  The Knit With collects such information solely for its own purposes and will not intentionally divulge any of that information to any other person. Unless specifically requested in writing, The Knit With does NOT maintain either an electronic or manual record of a customer's credit card account number other than that record required to process your credit card payment, i.e., an identical copy of the credit card charge slip provided to the customer; copies of completed credit card charge slips are in a carbonless format and are NOT maintained as part of The Knit With's customer lists.
The Knit With also respects your privacy concerning e-mail. By providing your e-mail address, you authorize receipt via e-mail of occasional general marketing notices, newsletters and advertisements from The Knit With. Under no circumstances will such general marketing notices, newsletters or advertisements, alone or in combination, be sent more frequently than once monthly on an annualized basis. Our anti-spamming policy is VERY strict; your e-mail address will be immediately deleted from our mailing list upon our receipt of any written request to that effect from you and your e-mail address will NOT be electronically retrieved at any future date.  We'd love to have you receive our electronic newsletter, seasonal new product announcements and other occasional marketing notices, but only if desire them.  Always feel confident that if you provide your e-mail address to The Knit With, you may remove your e-mail address from our customer list at any time.
Similarly, we respect your privacy concerning shipments. The copy of your invoice, and where appropriate a credit card charge slip, is NEVER displayed on the outside of the shipping container.  
 [ Est. 11-03. ]
Customer Appreciation Program
Hanks ‘n Thanks®  is a tangible expression of our appreciation of your patronage; the customer appreciation program rewards all customers as well as frequent shoppers. Hanks ‘n Thanks®  is an entirely discretionary marketing program and may be altered, cancelled or revoked by the shop at any time,  for any reason and without notice.  Following 12 qualified purchases, Hanks ‘n Thanks®  presents a gift valued at $ 25. Hanks ‘n Thanks®  rewards may be redeemed only by the customer to whom the card is originally issued and whose name appears on the card (identity verification may be requested at the time of redemption); rewards cards are redeemable only upon presentation of a single card, properly validated (multiple awards cards may be held by the customer simultaneously but can not be accumulated for a single rewards redemption). Cards can not be duplicated or replaced for any reason. 
All distinct purchases of qualified merchandise with a minimum value of $50.00 are eligible for rewards recognition. Purchases on the same day may not be combined or split to satisfy the number of qualified purchases.  Rewards purchases are limited to full-priced yarn, instrument and tuition purchases (publications, buttons, gifts, needlepoint and all other services are excluded from the program).
Your Hanks ’n Thanks®  gift is redeemable after completion of the 12 purchases required by the program and can not be redeemed as part of the 12th purchase transaction.  Rewards gifts are not redeemable in cash or cash equivalents and must be redeemed within 90 days of the last qualified purchase inscribed on the reward card. The reward gift of $ 25.00 may be applied to any merchandise purchase at the time of redemption and may not be redeemed at times when store credits are not honored.  
[ Est. 6-05. ]


Finishing Services

The Knit With’s professional finishing services are performed by uniquely trained and exceptionally experienced artisans and at reasonable rates for skilled handwork.  Items accepted for assembly and finishing upon an estimate of the completion date and the fees to be charged according to the requirements of each garment.   The Knit With informs customers of the completion of their projects by e-mail, or telephone, and makes bi-weekly reminders, if necessary. Items not retrieved within 45 days of completion are assessed a storage fee of $ 20.00 per month for any part of each month the item is in storage; after three ( 3 ) months storage, items not retrieved are deemed abandoned. [ Est. 12-05. ].

Repair and Restoration Services

Textile restoration and conservation is performed by only the most highly skilled, exceptionally experienced and uniquely trained artisans on The Knit With’s staff   -- traits which are demonstrated each time our handwork restores or conserves a precious textile heirloom.  When accepted, items to be restored, conserved or repaired require advance payment for our expected charges; before proceeding further, we consult with the customer when the need for an unexpected charge arises.  Upon completion of our work, The Knit With will send you an e-mail, or telephone you, or both to inform you of your item’s completion and will make bi-weekly reminders, if necessary.  Restored and conserved items not retrieved within 15 days of completion are assessed a storage fee of $ 20.00 per month for any part of each month the item is in storage; after three ( 3 ) months storage, items not retrieved are deemed abandoned. [ Est. 12-05. ].

Custom Knitting Services

All custom knitting at The Knit With is performed by exceptionally experienced knitters and at reasonable rates.   Prior to acceptance, The Knit With will, in writing, estimate the cost of your custom knitting project itemizing fees to be charged according to the requirements of each garment and the expected materials costs; payment of all materials costs and a 50% deposit against the fee for custom knitting is required at acceptance. Upon completion of our work, The Knit With will send you an e-mail, or telephone you, to inform you of your item’s completion. Items not retrieved within 15 days of completion are assessed a storage fee of $ 20.00 per month for any part of each month the item is in storage. [ Est. 12-05. ].


Products and Services offered by The Knit With are subject to changes in price. In-store, current selling prices are openly displayed for all products; the displayed price is the price charged.  Since inception of the website, feverish effort has been expended to construct ( and, now, update ) the website's several pages; sometimes, some items are overlooked when products are added or prices are updated. Before processing your website order, we confirm with you your ordered items and the current selling price of each item. [ Est. 12-05. ].